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Arlexitalia was born in 1993.
Arlexitalia is a company which has always renewed itself. In fact, the company believes the bathroom to be such a special space and place that deserves to be more stylish and precious. 
From its beginning, Arlexitalia has placed a lot of emphasis on the production of luxurious and multifunctional products of high quality. 
The continuous research of new materials coupled with the utilization of cherry wood and Murano glass, have all contributed to creating Arlexitalia's reputation as a company whose delicate and refined taste has brought a whole new aesthetic to the bathroom. 
The first step of the creation of a new furniture concept was a project that included rounded and spacious furniture, going on with a wide range of modern colours and hidden mirrors. 
With Arlexitalia, the bathroom becomes a new world, an intimate space for people to pamper themselves.