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Art Ceram was founded in Civita Castellana in 1987

Our business started with the production of fitted washbasins for bathroom units and in 2000 it went on to become a company with its own identity thanks to the collaboration of international designers. A very important moment in the evolution of the company was the creation of the Fontana collection in 2006, a complete series of sanitaryware and furnishings based around a pedestal wash-basin.

The perfect balance between function, innovation and development has helped the company grow internationally through the years. Constant technological research, investment in design and a focus on forecasting new trends, has confirmed the Art Ceram brand internationally. Lifestyle. Today Art Ceram offers complete collections for bathroom furnishing together with a comprehensive customer service which is not only expert in the product range, but also in project design and in-store showcasing.

All the great 60's bands start with 'The'. 'Theartceram' is a new development that started in 2007 and consists of a selection of projects already part of the Art Ceram catalogue together with new collections from young designers with a new element. Paraphrasing Roddy Doyle's words : 'all the great products start with a the'. 'Theartceram' is a concept project, constantly evolving, about original, fresh and ambitious products, based on innovation. Move into Theartceram!