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2012 Ceramica Fondovalle celebrates 50 years: since 1962 Ceramica Fondovalle has developed offering the markets innovative and accurate research and design supported by strategic investments and technological innovation; during these years the company has been characterised by quality, style and design. Ceramica Fondovalle’s fifty years of history unwind among technological development and renovation, safeguarding of the environment and respect for the future of mankind, design research and innovation, internationality and love for its territory. An important balance of experiences that the company considers not only as a significant achievement in a moment of global economic uncertainties, but also as a strong incentive to look to the future. 2011 July 2011  Refurbishment of the paste colouring plants; refurbishment and replacement of previous glazing lines to allow for glazing sizes up to 120x120, with digital and rotocolor decoration lines (including three digital machines). Installation of a new Sacmi PH 7500 press with dryers and loading/unloading system; expansion and installation of the new storage system with plank shelving for both fired and unfired materials; With the double-pressed line (Bi+Fusion), the company now specialises in large sizes and – demonstrating the trust it places in the future – it has decided to boost its technology through the changes described earlier. It is with this spirit ofrenewal that Ceramica Fondovalle believes it will be able to take on the challenges of the 21st century.
2010 July 2010  Complete replacement of the firing plant (new Sacmi kiln), with all the loading and unloading machines, changed with a view, not only to improving production but also to providing systems that respect the environment and people. December 2010 Installation of the new sorting plant and the new System 4Phases packaging system for optimisation of ceramic packaging.
2009 The company's faith in technological innovation has never wavered and in 2009 Ceramica Fondovalle presented the new digital Ink Jet decoration system with which Stone Print is created, the collection presented at Cersaie 2009. The company manufactures in an eco-friendly way rationalising the use of raw materials and energy sources but always with great attention to innovation. In 2009 Ceramica Fondovalle also created Light 4 Fusion, a new registered trademark technology that makes it possible to manufacture large, double pressed slabs with multiple loading and coloured pastes mixed with each other. Light 4 fusion is also a collection (Tiger Rock) which condenses the strength of a large format and the technical features of traditional porcelain stoneware in just 4.8 mm thickness. 2009 was a fertile year in which Ceramica Fondovalle was the protagonist of new productions alongside the traditional ones, such as the new Murano porcelain stoneware series inspired by glass.
2008 Ceramica Fondovalle presented two new projects at Cersaie, born from research focused on giving a more natural look to the material: this has resulted in two new collections, Metalgloss which uses metal in the porcelain stoneware paste, and Ironwood, inspired by distressed wooden floorboards, enriched with metal iridescences. Nature extends its form.
2007 Ceramica Fondovalle always keeps a careful eye on the functionality aspect and through this same eye it studies new trends and in 2007 it launched Tiger Rock, a series with an innovative format, 60x90, the crowning achievement of the 2007 season; a collection conceived and developed to enrich architectural projects and decorate large spaces.
2006 The company, which has always been dedicated to aesthetic quality, introduced "steel" powders in its products to recreate elegant and refined effects. This led to the development of collections such as Opificio Italiano in which steel becomes the soul and source of inspiration of the entire line.
2005 Following investments in technological research, Ceramica Fondovalle broadened its range of double pressed products.
2004 The year 2004 marked the stylistic turning point of the company with the first results of the Bi+Fusion project which obtained global approval.
2003 In 2003 the company integrated the Twin Press technology in the production line: the most innovative ceramic technology for the manufacture of double pressed slabs with whole body. The container brand was launched: Bi+Fusion, trademark registered by Fondovalle that groups all the research and development projects supported by this technology.
1996 The complete renovation of the facilities in 1996 resulted in the modernisation of the entire production plant