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When one thinks about a work of art, one’s thoughts run to the care given to details, to the passions for the nature of the materials, to the devotion bestowed so that each and every part of the work passes the exam of time and turns out unique.

Today the Marina Lampshade expresses the personality of a work of art unique in its genre, the time-honoured work techniques, precious materials and care for particulars beyond compare make the Marina Lampshade a unique work of art.

Unique characteristics exalted by the quality of the Marina Lampshade starting from the Murano Glass, the very pure Italian Crystal, the original Swarovski, the hand-forged Bronze in a perfect and unmistakable fusion with the best prized fabrics, silks, silk chiffons and organdie, give absolute pleasure in savouring life according to the inimitable Marina Lampshade style.

Timeless atmospheres, corners having an absolute sensation, a warm and fascinating light stirred by a unique re- ection of a Swarovski crystal,sentiments that enrapture and make one dream... this is the Marina Lampshade lifestyle. This is what every single piece of this unique collection contains.

Let yourself be allured!